Advisory Board

Arnie co-founded Ride5 Group and is on the Advisory Boards of CMOAxis in India and Tube Centrex in the U.S.

Since entering the media and marketing sectors, Arnie has become a thought leader in brand building, global consumer behavior, strategic marketing and digital technologies. These disciplines are supplemented by a working knowledge of how to optimize the full brand experience including retail-online integration.

Arnie has also held senior level positions at several Wall Street financial services firms such as Merrill Lynch, JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs. During this period he developed, then evolved, the Technology Chief Operating Officer role. His focus was to transform Technology organizations from a business perspective by delivering enhanced transparency and efficiency. This included management of functions such as business operations, financial management & systems, client services & CRM, product management, Intranet-based applications, productivity tools, supply chain, vendor engagement, regulatory/risk and professional development.

Arnie earned an M.B.A. from Columbia University Business School and was appointed to its Socially Responsible Investing Board. He’s a member of the historic National Arts Club in Manhattan.

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