As traditional advertising loses ground to social, interactive and evolving new media, marketers are increasingly turning to content marketing - to tell compelling brand stories, create engaging experiences, drive meaningful conversations with customers and prospects, and build loyalty. Recent reports show that, in an effort to stand out, more than 75% of marketers are looking to produce more content than ever before. But producing more content is not necessarily the answer to generating better ROI on your content marketing.

As consumer tastes and behaviors evolve in a continually shifting digital world, content marketing success will hinge upon your ability to cater to changing consumer preferences. With consumers’ dwindling attention spans and growing multi-channel presence, it is critical to produce easily digestible content that can be conveniently consumed by your prospects - whenever and wherever they may be looking for information. It is also equally important to keep your ear to the ground and drive an analytics-led approach to content creation, dissemination and assessment.

At CMO Axis, we help brands create the most engaging and impactful content experiences on the web by taking a 360 degree approach to content marketing. Our formula for content marketing success is simple yet highly effective:

Client Story: A leading speech analytics solution provider increases downloads of its industry report
To increase visibility and get more prospects to download its industry report, the client used CMO Axis’ content marketing services to drive a targeted campaign based on research and analytics.

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Step 1: We researched the speech analytics market and identified the most relevant topics and collateral types, and created a comprehensive editorial calendar.

Step 2: We collaborated with the client to intimately understand the brand and created custom content such as white papers and emailers to promote the industry report.

Step 3: Our team of editors repurposed the client’s industry report into targeted blogs, infographics and social media packs for enhanced shareability and online distribution.

Step 4: Our digital experts continually monitored and tracked content performance, enabling us to fine tune our strategies.

Results achieved - 6,00,000 touchpoints, 30,000 views

What can we help you with?
It is important not only to match your marketing content with your customers’ buying journey and lifecycle but also to disseminate the content on channels that your prospects frequent.

We work closely with you to map your content needs and develop high impact content assets across your customers’ lifecycle, geared to the channels they inhabit:

Client: Global top-10 IT services provider

What we do: Create, review and rewrite over 400 pages of content every month, including white papers, blogs, flyers, brochures, case studies, and social media packs.

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