Flexi Marketing Desk - A full service marketing office for part time marketing needs

Don’t have a marketing team, have temporary bandwidth pressures or a resource crunch in your marketing team? Let the experts take care. Presenting Flexi Marketing Desk - marketing bandwidth on demand from CMO Axis that delivers over a dozen different marketing solutions ranging from content to design, database and digital marketing services under a unified per-hour pricing plan.

How does it work?
Our team of highly experienced marketing professionals specializing in different marketing domains such as content, design, web development, online marketing, campaign design and execution will work with you on a shared services model to deliver all the your marketing needs.

  • Choose from short term, on-demand, long term or dedicated onsite service models
  • Mix & Match - Choose from content, design, web and digital marketing and web services
  • Pay only for what you use - plans start as low as 50 hours a month
  • Get real time visibility to your tasks through our online process platform

Leads Axis – A blended lead generation solution

Demand generation is the Achilles’ heel for even mature marketers. With ever so many variables at play including quality of databases, unpredictability of email marketing and anti-spam laws restricting content marketing efforts, it’s a challenge to get past the gatekeeper and win qualified leads, within budget.

Presenting Leads Axis - a unique offering from CMO Axis that combines targeted customer profiling, smart wish-list building, online prospect mapping and e-engagement with effective tele-calling to deliver qualified, validated and engaged leads.

  • Highly qualified and engaged leads/appointments
  • Approx. 20% reduction in sales cycle
  • Approx. 30% increase in tele-calling productivity owing to marketing interventions
  • Quick scalability and effective results
  • Real time visibility through online process platform and CRM

Resource Axis – Value added staffing for marketing teams

Hiring the right resources, on-boarding, monitoring productivity and performance, retaining the resource and providing a career path to the candidate is an onerous task. Increasingly, marketing teams find it unproductive to go through this process for operational roles. With a growing need for marketing bandwidth, organizations are evaluating outsourcing and staffing solutions for most positions, to keep their bandwidth flexible and costs variable.

Presenting Resource Axis, the marketing staffing solution from CMO Axis conceived keeping in mind the unique challenges that marketing organizations face. Resource Axis is a value added offering that combines people, process and governance. The onsite/ dedicated offsite team members are backed by process support, program governance and delivery support. Shadow bandwidth options are available to provide for increased bandwidth demands and maintain business continuity during attrition. In addition, our flexible engagement terms help keep the costs variable while keeping the process predictable.

CMO Challenges with Resourcing :

  • Marketing very often is the first casualty when hiring freeze is imposed in an organization
  • Create more bandwidth without adding to the headcount.
  • Need for onsite presence coupled with extended support
  • Time to hire, cost optimization and business continuity during attrition or increased work load

How Resource Axis helps :

  • Access to high-quality marketing resources
  • 2x Faster on-boarding time
  • Better team engagement and alignment
  • Marketing budget linked commercial engagement
  • Process, governance and SLA support

CRM and Marketing Automation

Marketing is seen as a strategic and business function and marketers are rarely trained in process and operations. However, 80% of marketing roles are very operational and require a high level of project management and process alignment. Even mature marketing organizations often lack basic marketing automation like project management, knowledge management, tracking and measurement tools. In other cases, investments made in marketing automation and CRM are underutilized and not aligned to the business process.

CMO Axis presents ‘CRM and Marketing Automation’, a solution designed to improve marketing processes, workflows, governance, leads tracking marketing measurement and RoI. These are delivered using CMO Axis’ custom process management platform and can also be adapted to other industry grade tools.

  • Process/ workflows setup for managing routine projects and tasks
  • Time sheets and team productivity management
  • Metrics and SLA tracking
  • Projects and spends tracking
  • Knowledge management and assets management
  • Budgets and spends tracking
  • Agency and outsourcing providers monitoring
  • Stakeholder-wise tasks and budgets tracking
  • Leads scoring and touch points tracking
  • CRM management