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Dear Marketer,

Ready to play some trivia?

True or false? Napolean was short.
True or false? Bulls hate red.
True or false? You can see the Great Wall of China from space.

The answer to all three questions is ‘false’ of course – they are all myths!

We are sure you have come across your fair share of interesting marketing myths that simply refuse to die down. As marketers, we know that marketing is all about getting the message out so you can sell more of your products or services, win more customers, and continue to grow.

This week, we look at some common misconceptions and myths that continue to hook the marketing world. Here’s to busting the myths and getting back on track!

#ECommerceMarketing: If you are an e-commerce marketer, here’s how to tell the difference between sound advice and seemingly sound myths.
While there is no dearth of advice on how to run your e-commerce marketing campaigns, it is important to sift through them to determine which ones can actually help you succeed. Make sure you are not falling prey to these 8 myths which could be draining your time and resources.
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#AccountBasedMarketing: Understand what ABM is NOT - to optimize your B2B marketing
Account Based Marketing (ABM) created quite a buzz in the B2B marketing world in 2016 and is expected to continue doing so this year as well. However, there are several misconceptions about ABM floating around. Here are 5 myths about ABM that you are better off forgetting in 2017.
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#ContentMarketing: If you are new to content marketing, don’t buy into these common misconceptions around its ROI.
The seemingly glamorous benefits that content marketing can bring sometimes blinds marketers to the time and effort that goes into publishing valuable and highly regarded content. Launching into content marketing without understanding the complete customer journey is not likely to payoff. Check out what it takes to keep your audiences interested and engaged each time you publish new content.
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#B2BMarketing: Having trouble winning at B2B blogging? Squash these myths to experience success.
B2B blogging has been an important and effective marketing technique despite the fact that only 42% of marketers were successful at B2B blogging in 2016. While it’s good to follow blogging best practices, it’s not a good idea to follow them blindly. Doing so could hold you back from delivering your best. See if you are buying into any of these common B2B blogging myths.
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#SocialMediaMarketing: How do you separate social media trends from hype? Check out these best practices
There is a new social media trend every other day. Shifting focus rapidly to keep up with every trend can result in fatigue and inadequate benefits. First, try to understand the trend to see if it will help your business. Focusing your efforts where it is likely to pay off is probably the best approach. Avoid these 5 myths to empower and strengthen your social media marketing.
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