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Dear Marketer,

An inspiring article on the Indian All Women Ice Hockey team drives home the point of how useful and effective crowdsourcing can be. The team trained and successfully participated in the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia 2016 against all odds, because of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

From spawning innovative ideas to enabling crowd-powered startups, crowdsourcing has been a popular concept for over a decade, unleashing creativity in unexpected ways - across industries and functions. It’s a cost-effective way to get interested parties as well as your customer base to co-create ideas, products and services that have a better shot at success.

This week, we look at how crowdsourcing can boost your marketing efforts. Who knows? Your next major marketing idea may just come from one of your customers!

#CrowdsourcingMarketing: Thinking about crowdsourcing for your marketing? Here are some things to consider.
Crowdsourcing taps into collective intelligence and uses the information to fulfill a business goal. Can you think of ways to use crowdsourcing to achieve your marketing goals and improve your brand? See how you can get crowdsourcing to work for you.
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#CreativeAds: Large companies like Doritos have launched a permanent crowdsourcing platform. You can, too.
It is a challenge to continuously generate fresh ideas for marketing, PR and advertising. Getting your motivated customers to contribute for free is the best way to power your brand. Crowdsourcing adds creativity and makes companies more resourceful as compared to traditional methods.
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#CrowdsourcedProducts: Here’s a winning idea - crowdsource your new product or service idea and market it is as such.
When you crowdsource ideas to boost your marketing efforts, you have to remember one important thing. You have to market the crowdsourced ideas as customer-ideated products or services. This helps improve their market performance substantially. Studies show that customers tend to choose products/services crowdsourced from a like-minded community
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#CrowdsourcedRisks: If you are a small business, learn how to avoid the pitfalls in crowdsourced marketing.
Sure, crowdsourced marketing has its aha moments. But there is also a downside to it. It could backfire just as much as it could succeed. But that should not deter you from giving it a shot. Understand the risks, avoid the pitfalls and create successful crowdsourcing campaigns.
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#CrowdsourcingNames: Looking for a name for a new product or important project? Crowdsource it.
It’s a good idea to let the crowd weigh in on naming your new product or service to save money and create some buzz. A word of caution. Set specific guidelines or you could end up with some frivolous sounding names like ‘Boaty McBoatface’ for a serious multi-million dollar polar research ship. Learn how this company helps and encourages others to crowdsource better names.
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