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Dear Marketer,

Thanks to social media, publishing content online is now child’s play - literally. The result: we are flooded with content. On last count, approximately 6,000 tweets and more than 2 million emails are sent every second. Is this dynamic content environment a reason to rejoice? Hardly - as the vast majority of content is irrelevant, repetitive, or simply fails to make the cut as far as engagement goes. And that is what makes content curation more relevant today than ever before. It helps readers cut through the noise and easily find stuff that is truly worth reading.

In this edition, we explore how marketers can leverage content curation to their advantage and establish their brand as a thought leader.

#ContentCurationStrategy: Uncovering ‘underground’ content isn’t for the uninitiated.
Content curation is an art. The end result is much like an art gallery – a place where enthusiasts can view master pieces from different artists under one roof. Content, if curated well, can uncover a host of opportunities for your brand. By consistently identifying and sharing relevant, useful, and engaging content, you establish your brand’s thought-leadership, credibility, and industry expertise. Here are three effective strategies to help you master the art of content curation.
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#ContentCurationTools: Looking to boost your content curation efforts? These four tools can get you off to a good start.
Content curation is less about your preferences and more about what your audience wants to see and read. While automation tools let you curate and schedule content to appear on social media platforms at a pre-selected time, the trick lies in using them judiciously. Automating all of your social media management is a big NO – you need to strike a balance between automated posts and personal engagement. The idea is to be visible to your audience at all times to forge lasting relationships.
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#ContentCurationSuccess: These brands are getting content curation right. You can, too.
Not having in-house marketing muscle should in no way deter you from making content curation your strong suite. From expert insights, roundups, e-learning courses, etc., brands like Udemy, Buffer, Everyone Social, and more are turning identifying, compiling, and sharing existing web content into an artform.
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#ContentCurationROI: 25% of marketers use curated content on their websites. How do they measure its impact?
Content curation is all about maximizing the potential of third-party assets to your advantage. How then do you measure the ROI of something that you didn’t create in the first place? And what are the right metrics you should be tracking? Here is a channel-wise guide to help you monitor and optimize the performance of curated content.
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#ContentMarketingStrategy: Learn how to make content curation an integral part of your content marketing strategy: Q&A with Curata CEO.
Even though content curation requires minimal effort, it is an often-overlooked component for the content marketing strategy. See what Curata CEO has to say about the importance of content curation and its benefits, and how businesses can use content curation to supplement their content strategy.
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