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Dear Marketer,

One of the biggest problems facing marketers today is marketing fatigue resulting from digital communication overload. If you are tempted to bombard your customers with marketing messages 24x7 - lest they forget your beloved brand - stop!

Going overboard with marketing messages can throw audiences off faster than you can attract prospective customers. While it is tempting to use every trick in the book to entice audiences to your brand, content exhaustion and social media fatigue are real and can impact your marketing results.

This week, learn how to shed some content calories and cut back on your social media binge, to prevent marketing fatigue and improve results. Rather than focusing on sheer number, turn your attention to the quality of your marketing messages in terms of authenticity and relevance.

#EmailMarketing: Send fewer emails to better engage your audiences.
While email marketing is a proven marketing technique, sending an incessant stream of emails to your customers, will not necessarily win them over. In fact, it could jeopardize your relationship with them. Studies link greater engagement and increased click rates to fewer emails. Here are some recommendations for limiting email fatigue among your subscribers.
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#InfluencerMarketing: Influencer marketing maybe trending but it’s best to use it only as needed.
With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, the online space is overflowing with promotional content from ‘anybody who’s somebody’ endorsing a brand. This saturation is only predicted to result in customers growing tired of influencer content – especially when it lacks authenticity. Instead of using external influencers, see how you can turn to your internal thought leaders to authentically advocate your brand.
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#MarketingFatigue: Instead of playing the numbers game, focus on personalized marketing messages and programs.
Have you noticed how all you have to do is download a few white papers and you are inundated with a gazillion follow up content pieces and calls? The information overload is reaching the point where tired buyers are pushing back and avoiding the very same brands they once followed. Check out these five tips to prevent your buyers from experiencing marketing fatigue.
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#OptimizedMessaging: As consumer email inboxes continue to fill, use data to power deeper engagement.
Brand fatigue is common these days from the overwhelming amount of content that “is in your face” all the time. But when marketers use data wisely to send out relevant emails, customers are happy to receive them. Here is something that will help you optimize the timing and content of your emails, leading to positive brand outcomes.
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#ContentMarketing: Your brand does not have to be online everywhere. Instead, be smart about using technology to reach your audiences.
With multiple marketing and technology platforms to choose from, marketers must decide carefully on the right channel. As always, the latest and trendiest is not always the best for your brand and should only be adopted if it helps your business. Learn how to avoid the content quagmire by choosing the right technology platforms.
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