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Dear Marketer,

Amidst all the noise in the digital world, what comes through and touches consumers is the human face of brands. As human beings, we appreciate the human touch above all else - it’s no different when it comes to interacting with brands.

In the digital age, humanizing your brand should be as much a part of your marketing strategy as digitizing your marketing functions. At the end of the day, customers seek experiences with a brand that resonate with their human values. Not surprisingly, brands that act human are rated higher on authenticity and customers are inclined to trust them more.

So let’s take a look at how you can put the human touch back into your brand for deeper customer engagement.

#Storytelling: Expert storytelling can help humanize your brand and engage your audiences
Nowadays, customer engagement is not just about providing superior customer experience. It is also about telling stories about your brand in a way that humanizes it, and shows your customers that you understand their problems and care enough to provide a suitable solution. Here are 10 lessons from Plum Organics, a baby health food and snack maker, on humanizing your brand through story telling.
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#BrandingStrategy: To be on first name basis with your customers helps establish credibility for your brand. Using a human name for your products or brand can be a big hit with your customers.
Selecting a human name for your brand can prove to be the best way to engage with your customers. A human sounding name gives the impression of being personable and approachable, leading customers to engage with the brand. While it is a risky move to humanize your brand with a first name because of the various attributes it could evoke, it can also create an aura of authenticity and make your customers feel comfortable.
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#SocialMedia: Follow the example of companies that build an effective social calendar to humanize their brand.
Your audience is on social media to connect over events, holidays and trends. Being part of that conversation and making it about what your audience cares about, not only helps create compelling content but also engage with you customers Check out the three primary reasons people use social media and how you can use it to boost your engagement with your customer
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#SocialListening: Take a page from State Farm’s social listening playbook to humanize your brand - even if you operate in a stuffy and stodgy industry.
Learning to follow what your audience has to say, not overreacting and responding appropriately to create rapport with your customers and non-customers alike, will have them spreading the word about your brand. To understand the art of social listening, follow the footsteps of a well-known insurance company and create a personal connection with your audience.
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  #HumanizeTheBrand: Technology adoption leads marketing strategies in today’s digital age. Make sure your brand still retains the human touch amidst all the digitization.
  CRM solutions and marketing automation have made it possible to create an engaging experience at every step of the customer journey. Embracing a humanizing approach keeps your brand relevant. Here are eleven ways to bring in the human touch to your brand and appear more personable to your customers.
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