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Dear Marketer,

What’s a personality trait of a bad marketer? Anti-social. Okay, that’s a cheesy marketing joke but we bet it made you smile.

The funny thing about using humor in marketing is that it’s serious business. It can build or hurt your brand image based on how it is perceived. Done well, humor helps audiences relax, connect with the communicator, and take away key messages. Doritos’ absurdist ads, for instance, have made it the most memorable Super Bowl brand four years in a row.

One important caveat when using humor - it’s critical to know your target audience intimately. What’s funny to a millennial may not be funny to a baby boomer.

This week, we wanted to check out if laughter is the best medicine to increase your brand awareness. We think it is and hope that you’ll test it out for yourself.

#FunnyContentMarketing: Humor in content marketing is a good strategy. Just make sure it’s aligned with your brand values.
@CMO: Humor is a stress buster. It diffuses tension. Which is why when we laugh together, we form a bond with the group. This makes humor a highly effective marketing tool. Check out how you can use humor in content marketing to bond with your audiences while showcasing your brand.
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#MarketingHumor: Want to use humor to stir emotions and make your brand go viral? Here’s how.
@CMO: Humor in marketing campaigns can be a powerful equalizer in bridging the gap with your competition. However, it takes effort to be funny. The best kind of marketing campaigns begin with authenticity and end with an uproar of laughter. When used properly, humor can bowl your audience over and help you score many marketing points.
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#FunnyBrands: Brands that employ humor to spread their message are more likely to be liked, shared and followed on social media.
@CMO: Brands today are hard pressed to distinguish themselves from the clutter on the social media platforms and become “likeable”. Humorous posts that are not only educational but also offer promotional deals attract the most number of followers. Here are seventeen brands that know how to be funny on social media.
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#FunnyAds: The main objective of humorous ads is to get your customers to make a purchase - not just laugh.
@CMO: The biggest risk with using humor is that it is subjective. Audiences can perceive the brand in a different light based on the type of humor used. So it’s important to carefully work out the elements of humor that you plan to use in your campaign. Here is a study on funny ads and how it can impact your business.
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#BrandRecognition: Learn to recognize the proverbial line in the sand when using humor to promote your brand.
@CMO: Brands try to play it safe by avoiding controversies in their humorous marketing messages. But crossing the line can sometimes help your brand. Here are some tips to help you figure out where the line is and if it is worth crossing.
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