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Dear Marketer,

As the holiday season winds down, it’s time to focus on the New Year and what it might bring. But before we do that, here’s a quick recap of 2016. Digital marketing was the highlight of the year. In fact, digital has become so intrinsic to the marketing function that it cannot be considered a separate stream anymore. 2016 also saw the rise in wearable technology and augmented reality. Automation gained further ground and personalization became every marketer’s mantra.

In 2017, we believe that it will take a lot more work and planning to stand out in the clutter, as the content marketing landscape gets more challenging. Visual content including videos will gain further traction as users love watching visuals and search engines get better at analyzing images. Content will become hyper personalized and niche to cater more effectively to smaller audiences and deepen engagement. Most importantly, content marketing in 2017 and beyond will be all about results. You will need to track and measure your initiatives to ensure that all your hard work is paying off in the form of more engagement, traffic, shares, and conversions.

In this issue, we have put together some major marketing trends that you can expect to see in 2017 - across digital, online and content marketing. Check them out to see if your marketing plans are aligned with the forecasted trends.

We are pumped for a great year of marketing ahead and hope you are too. From everyone here at CMO Axis, we wish you and your entire team a Very Happy 2017 and great success in the New Year!

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