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Dear Marketer,

Content marketing works. The proof is in the results. According to a Curata study, nearly 75% of companies say that content marketing is increasing their lead quality and quantity. More than 77% of companies are looking to increase their investment in content marketing to deepen engagement and grow revenues. So, how much should you invest in content marketing in 2017? In our opinion, how much you invest is not as important as the results you are able to achieve.

But, getting your money’s worth from content marketing initiatives in no cake walk. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top four content marketing challenges facing businesses are: Producing Engaging Content (60%); Measuring Content Effectiveness (57%); Producing Content Consistently (57%); and Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing Program (52%).

The good news is there are several tools on the market that can help you better engage with your audiences, and measure the reach and effectiveness of your content. There are also some simple things you can do to stretch your content marketing dollars, such as reusing and re-purposing old content. Surprisingly, only 29% of marketers currently do this.

In this issue, we look at content atomization and other content strategies that can help you maximize your content marketing ROI and get more mileage out of your existing content.

#Contentatomization: Create smaller pieces of killer content from one epic content composition.
Constantly creating and distributing fresh information can be challenging. It pays to work smarter when quality is expected at every stage of content marketing. Which is why, we recommend that you break down a large existing piece of content into bite sized chunks that still pack a punch. See how you can adopt a content atomization strategy to make your original content go a long way.
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#Contentcreation: Extract maximum value out of your content with a high level framework. Here’s how.
Getting content marketing right is not easy. Not only do you have to commit time and resources, but also develop narratives that resonate with your target audiences. To get the most value out of your content, first, understand who your audiences are and what goals you are trying to achieve. Next, chalk out your buyers’ journey and map your content to the channels they frequent.
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#Contentmarketingtools: Boost your content marketing results with supercharged tools.
Content creation and distribution gets easier and more effective with the right set of tools. Today, several tools are available to help you post your social media content, measure engagement metrics, grow your audiences, find influencers, and so on. Use these 6 tools independently or combine them as you see fit to turbocharge your 2017 content marketing strategy.
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#B2Bcontentmarketing: When it comes to B2B content marketing success, knowing what NOT to do is as important as knowing what to do.
Most marketers today understand and effectively use content creation as part of their marketing strategy. However, it is easy to overlook essential practices that may chip away at your content ROI. Here are twelve common mistakes to watch out for while generating B2B content.
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#Contentmarketer: What are you content marketing resolutions for 2017 to make it the best year yet?
With nearly 8 out of 10 companies using content marketing and allocating 28% of their marketing budget to it, the goal has shifted from content creation to value generation. Take a look at these 5 commitments you should be making this year for sustained content marketing success.
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