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Dear Marketer,

If you have ever dug into a traffic source report, using any of your favorite web analytics tools, chances are you would have come across a large chunk of traffic labelled ‘direct’. Have you ever wondered if all of these people are really typing in your full website address to get to your page? Unlikely and also untrue. What you are looking at is commonly referred to as ‘dark social’. Despite its ominous sounding name, dark social refers to the traffic that comes from private social sharing of content - outside of public social networks, making it difficult to track its source.

Picture this. You are experiencing a mid-afternoon slump. As a quick pick-me-up, you head over to your Facebook page. You find an article on a great vacation destination that you’d like to slip away to. So you quickly copy paste the URL into your messaging app and send it to your spouse. Lo and behold! You just engaged in a ‘dark social’ act.

As dark social gains more power – it accounts for 70% of all online referrals today - this edition explores how marketers can ride this tide to stay on top of their game.

#InfluencerMarketing: Reimagine your influencer marketing strategy with dark social - a la Adidas.
The global iconic sports brand recently launched Tango Squads – communities of socially-active, hyper-connected 16-19 year old football enthusiasts on direct messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line. Located in 15 key cities across the world, these squads share exclusive Adidas content related to upcoming products and updates - before they are unveiled publicly. See how this killer move is making Adidas a hot social property in football.
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#DarkSocial: It’s more than a shot in the dark. Why you should care about the traffic you can’t measure.
As one-to-one social interactions increasingly trump traditional one-to-many marketing techniques, brands are waking up to a new reality. Marketers are having a hard time figuring out who and where their audiences are, and how they are interacting with the brand. Here is a lowdown on why dark social is becoming more and more important to marketing and how to make the most of it.
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#Politics: How Hillary Clinton recently became the newest ambassador of dark social.
Hillary Clinton did not win the presidential election. But when she thanked all her supporters in her concession speech, including those using “secret, private Facebook sites” to promote her campaign, she unintentionally threw light on the power of dark social. Check out what makes dark social a potential area of opportunity for marketers.
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#SEOstrategy: Put dark social to work for you by making it a dominant part of your SEO strategy. Here’s how.
The good news about dark social for marketers? Your content is being shared. The next step is to make the mysterious force work for you, so it’s easier to potentially track where it is coming from. Here are a few tips to incorporate dark social into your social SEO strategy to do just that.
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#DarkSocialAnalytics: Still in the dark about traffic sources? Use these tools to get it right.
We understand that it can be irksome for you to have no visibility into a large chunk of your traffic. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore – tools such as GetSocial, Sharethis, AddThis, and even Google Analytics now have the option of using advanced segments to filter deeper into your traffic sources and measure dark social metrics. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.
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