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Dear Marketer,

Simply publishing content is not effective to say the least. It’s like writing a great novel and not promoting it. It takes a lot of hard work to get people to pay attention to all the great content you are churning out. Do you have a plan to promote your dazzling pieces of content across paid, owned and earned media?

Owned media is the simplest to monitor and control. All you need is a plan to promote your content in a unique way across the assets you own - such as social media accounts, websites, and email lists. Integrating paid media such as targeted Facebook ads, promoted tweets, and other print and television ads into your marketing mix is another great way to get your content in front of your audiences. Earned media is the most valuable but also the hardest to get. You rely on brand followers and advocates to spread the word about your product or services via retweets, shares, and mentions. How do you get this strategy to work for you? By creating content that is worth sharing and keeping your customers very, very happy, of course.

Reports show that brands spent 65% more on social media advertising in 2016, compared to the previous year. At the same time, half the marketers surveyed believe that earned media will deliver the best results in 2017. What does this mean? A careful mix of all three types of media – depending on your goals and audiences – is important to drive the results you are looking for.

This week, we dig deeper into each of these strategies to help you arrive at the media mix that best suits your brand.

#SEO: Strengthening your brand through earned media is not as hard as you think - if you use the right influencer relationships.
Earned media that positively impacts your brand is always welcome but somewhat daunting as well, since you do not control it. A strategic approach to building good brand reputation involves developing strong relationships with influencers. The best part about earned media? It is a cost-effective technique that can boost your SEO. Eager to learn how to boost SEO with earned media?
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#Earnedmedia: How can you get more out of your earned media by making it easy for the right message to be picked up by the right parties? Find out.
Think about it. All mentions about your business by third party sources increases brand credibility and lowers resistance to sales. While most companies do a good job with owned and paid media, they don’t leverage earned media nearly enough. Understand the barriers that could be preventing your earned media from producing better results.
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#Superbowlads: $5 million for an ad and another million to promote it? Is paid media really worth all that?
Now that the much awaited Superbowl has come and gone, it provides a good example of how paid media is as important as other media strategies. Having paid tens of millions of dollars for a short 90 second segment, companies that advertised during the Superbowl were looking to expand their brand reach. We understand that your marketing budgets may be relatively more modest, but there are some important takeaways in how marketers used this mega event to support their paid and earned media.
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#Socialmedia: A smart social media strategy can boost your paid media ROI.
Given how inexpensive earned media can be, you may be tempted to abandon any form of paid media. This can adversely affect your business. Social media offers several avenues to keep paid media cost effective. But you will need to create a robust strategy to build and sustain your paid media and measure results precisely. Here are some tips on how to go about doing this.
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#Ownedmedia: One of the largest fast food companies believes owned media is just as relevant as paid media.
The importance of owned media cannot be undermined since marketers have direct control over the messaging that drives consumers to action via websites, blogs, newsletters, apps etc. Owned media becomes a compelling strategy when a business wants to deepen customer engagement using personalization. See how McDonalds connects with its customers using owned media channels.
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