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Dear Marketer,

There’s been a lot of noise about Blockchains and Bitcoins lately. Surely, it has nothing to do with marketing? Wrong! That is exactly what is buzzing in the marketing circles these days.

If you are not yet up to speed on bitcoins and blockchains, here’s a quick primer. A bitcoin is a digital currency. And when bitcoins change hands - virtually speaking that is - it is recorded in public ledgers known as blockchains, which can never be modified. Pretty water tight, wouldn’t you say?

But why should we, as marketers, care about all this? The information held by these ledgers or databases are 100% accurate at any point in time because no one can access them to make changes. For brands, this means that their content cannot be falsified. As for customers, they believe in it implicitly and are confident their information is secure. This trust factor means higher sales conversions and cross selling opportunities for brands.

While the technology is complex and marketers still need to work out how to effectively leverage it, we are going to look at some possible marketing applications to help prepare for the future...the early bird and all that. So, let’s dive right in to learn what bitcoins and blockchains hold for us in the future, shall we?

#Marketingtechnology: Blockchain, the latest technology disruptor, could alter not only businesses but also the business of marketing
Marketers like to stay ahead of the technology curve so they can capitalize on the latest trends. Blockchain is the latest technology disruptor. While its implications for marketing are yet to be completely identified, it does point to reducing transaction costs. This is a huge benefit to draw upon -especially in the digital age. Get the lowdown on the emergence of blockchain technology and its potential impact on marketing.
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#Blockchain: Blockchain represents a seismic shift for marketers – a la email in the 1990s and Facebook and Twitter in mid 2000s.
Who could have fathomed that a technology set to revolutionize the financial world would also influence marketing? Blockchain technology has the potential to impact many aspects of marketing - brand affinity, value creation, loyalty programs and more. See what a 20 year veteran of marketing technology has to say about blockchain and how you can prepare for it.
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#Digitalmarketing: How is blockchain set to disrupt digital marketing? Here’s the rundown.
Blockchain is expected to benefit digital marketing by reducing costs. How exactly? By eliminating middlemen, overcoming online ad fraud, and redesigning newer revenue models for publishers. It decentralizes record keeping but still instills trust in the data held in the databases. Check out how blockchain is expected to transform digital marketing.
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#Advertising: Blockchain adoption in advertising is still low but wide acceptance appears imminent.
Blockchain offers a single, shared version of truth. Given the veracity of the data, marketing and advertising departments will interact with their audiences in a whole new way. Advertisers can use it to check where ads are being delivered and if they are being delivered to the right places. What's more? They can promote authentic advertisements that don’t come off as ‘marketing’.
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#Blockchainbubble: As a marketer, how ready are you to adopt blockchain technology?
Blockchain as a technology has been around for eight years but its importance is only slowly permeating the marketing world. While there are a handful of early adopters, most are trying to understand how it will change the existing marketing game. Let's just say that it is going to make marketing even more customer-centric.
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