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Dear Marketer,

Bill Gates once famously said “The Internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow”. That was clearly bang on the point - the intersection of globalization, localization, and personalization that we are witnessing today is unprecedented. The internet has blurred geographical boundaries, democratizing content to a great deal – you can access whatever you want, wherever you are, and at whichever time and device you prefer. The digital world is global by nature, not by default – meaning, companies now have to cater to a global audience, whether they intend to or not.

What does this mean for marketers? You must leverage content resources effectively to engage diverse sets of customers in multiple regions and markets, speaking in multiple languages. This week’s Mind Over Marketing delves deeper into leveraging multi-lingual digital marketing to your advantage.

#Multilingualmarketing: English caters to only 20% of the world’s population. Are you speaking to the rest?
Marketers spend huge money on creating and promoting content but what if your audience doesn’t understand what you are trying to communicate? Statista’s ‘Can’t read, won’t buy’ study revealed that over 56% people in more than 10 different countries have a six times higher preference for brands that speak in their native language. Going multilingual is no longer a good-to-have strategy but a critical one. Multi-lingual content marketing calls for a fresh perspective – here’s how to get it right.
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#MultilingualSEO: Think global, optimize local to be ‘found’ by the right audience
Did you know that over half of all searches on Google are in languages other than English? Moreover, what is trending in one location may be unknown or even obsolete in another. Spreading your business territory across markets requires you to prepare a solid multi-lingual SEO strategy – one that encompasses all search engines, not just Google. Here are eight tips to do it right.
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#Multilingualcontent: Looking for inspiration to create a winning multi-lingual content marketing strategy? Take a cue from these four brands.
When hitting the right notes with content marketing is difficult in one language, the thought of doing it in several languages can be enough to throw even the most enthusiastic marketers off balance. Take heart – it’s do-able and these four brands are doing it exceptionally well. Grab some inspiration and get going!
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#Globalization: Localization is the fulcrum for real globalization success
Legacy processes and outdated language technologies are a big NO for businesses looking to create a successful global marketing strategy. The global language industry is expected to grow to a size of USD 45 billion by 2020, with translation services topping the list of investment priorities for businesses across the world. Clearly, localization has a direct impact to bottom-line revenue growth and companies must be tech-ready to reap the benefits.
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  #Customerexperience: Leverage ‘language’ as the new sword in the battle for superior customer experience
  By 2020, customer experience will surpass price and product to become the #1 brand differentiator globally. Language plays a major role in improving the customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and overall lifetime value. 60% of customers expect service in their native language and 74% of consumers are more likely to repurchase from a brand that provides after-sales service in their preferred language. Check out tips to make the most of language to delight your customers.
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