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Dear Marketer,

As the digital world changes rapidly, content formats morph in tandem to attract and retain audience interest. In this dynamic environment, one format shows timeless appeal - videos. Why? Humans are highly visual creatures. Viewership of videos on channels like YouTube and Facebook are skyrocketing, adding as many as a billion unique visitors each month to websites.

Marketers are quickly getting on board to make the most of this trend. Nearly 52% say that video content offers the best ROI. The proof is in the viral videos that are taking the internet by storm like Google Earth’s Homeward Bound ad depicting a touching reunion of Saroo Brierley with his long-lost family in India, Dove's Beauty on Your Own Terms and Coke's Taste the Feeling.

This week, we look at how video marketing can help increase engagement with your brand and convert customers, making it a must-have in your marketing arsenal.

#VideoMarketing: The time to invest in video marketing is now. Here are multiple reasons why.
The growth in video marketing over the last year alone is enough reason to come up with a video marketing strategy to engage with your audience. The statistics around how many videos are watched and shared are compelling. Learn the many ways you can use video marketing to drive your business goals.
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#ContentMarketing: Content marketing is getting more personal and relevant thanks to video marketing.
The way customers are consuming content is changing. Video, if used effectively, can be personal, relevant and available whenever your audience is ready for it. It helps you engage with audiences at an emotional level and drive sales. Here is why many consider video marketing the future of content marketing.
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#MarketingStrategy: A successful video marketing strategy needs committed effort. These five tips can help you drive results.
When marketing strategies do not yield quick wins, it is easy to abandon them. If your video marketing strategy is suffering, determine the reason for its failure before you move on. These five tips can help you save, fix and achieve your video marketing goals.
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#SocialMarketing: Learning to ‘speak video’ fluently is essential for businesses, according to experts. See how you can make the most of social video marketing for your brand.
63% of companies already use video marketing. But this means that it is crowded and competitive out there. If you want to succeed in social video marketing, you must know where to post, what to post and when to post. Here’s how to make social video marketing work for you.
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  #MarketingCampaign: The only way to gauge the effectiveness of video marketing for your brand is to get started on it
  Creating video content can be a daunting task. Finding a way to get started is half the battle. Mustering enough creativity and originality to stand out is the other half. If you are attempting to kickstart your video marketing, follow these seven ideas to get your campaign rolling.
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