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#MarketingStrategy    #CauseMarketing   #CustomerExperience
Dear Marketer,

Finding inspiration for good marketing ideas can be easy, if you pay careful attention to how successful companies do it. Let’s be honest, sometimes we learn at others' expense.

Whether it is content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, social media or B2B marketing, you will find that studying innovative and creative marketing case studies can offer unique insights and solutions to your brand challenges.

This week, we take inspiration from the success stories of brands that have pushed the marketing envelope to realize ground breaking results.

#ExperientialMarketing: Hook and reveal campaigns that allow potential customers to test the product can drive increased sales. See how The Economist used this tactic to boost its brand awareness.
If you have a loyal set of followers but want to continue growing your customer base, what would you do? Giving a taste of what you have to offer to potential customers is a strong way to introduce the brand and improve brand perception. See how a leading news magazine increased its global subscribership using experiential campaigns
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#BrandingStrategy: Marketers must constantly review their brand strategy to check its continued relevance - a la BMW which has fine-tuned its brand revitalization efforts over several decades, without upsetting its customer base
For brands that are well established, marketers must take cautious yet bold steps to maintain their brand image. Changing times and demographics normally pull brands in one direction, running the risk of losing a segment of the loyal customer base. Learn how to tread the fine line between modernization and brand heritage to cater to your changing customer demographics.
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#MarketingStrategy: Creating world class marketing is simple. Innovate and build the right solution for a genuine problem - just like Tesla’s creator did.
If you want your brand to be a success, it is important that you create an authentic brand that focuses on solving consumer problems. Driving innovation and building gradual momentum with superusers will take your brand much further than mass appeal campaigns. Genuine solutions that resolve well-known problems result in authentic marketing that echoes the same enthusiasm from consumers.
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#CauseMarketing: Follow the footsteps of Adidas and support a worthwhile cause; because being socially responsible may just please your customers.
Customers these days first look to see the causes your brand aligns itself with, before they choose to follow your brand. It pays to select social initiatives that are related to your product or service, and support them wholeheartedly as this helps raise brand awareness in the long run. In a win-win scenario, combining the right social cause with you marketing campaign can enhance your brand engagement with the community.
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  #CustomerExperience: Want to create marketing campaigns that are all about the customer? Take a leaf from Walgreens - the company is focused on delivering the best customer experience using technology.
  Customer centricity drives great brands and helps them stay ahead of customer needs, constantly innovating to deliver great experiences, regardless of the channel. Technology can help brands put their best foot forward in meeting customer requirements giving them strong competitive advantage. Check out how you can embrace technology while keeping the customer at heart of your marketing campaigns.
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