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Dear Marketer,

At a time of intensifying competition, personalization helps marketers enhance customer engagement. Of late though, driving effective personalization is getting harder for customer-obsessed businesses. Brands are expected to not only individualize experiences but also keep costs low. At the same time, there have been reports of customers being miffed with brands for getting too personal.

So how much personalization is ‘just right’? We hope this issue will help you answer the tricky question and find the right balance between personalization and privacy.

#MarketingPersonalization:Unlock the power of marketing personalization with these 4 steps.
Today’s savvy customers expect personalized experiences but 60% of marketers say their organizations struggle with personalization. Here are four steps marketers can take to improve user experience through better personalization.
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#ConsumerPrivacy:How much personalization is too much?
While technology continues to create unprecedented opportunities to personalize marketing, businesses can sometimes take it too far. Remember the time when Target’s algorithms predicted a girl’s pregnancy and started sending her baby coupons even before her family knew about it? Find out how you can benefit from personalization without overstepping privacy.
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#EffectivePersonalization: How can you get personalization right? Here are 7 brands that have mastered the art.
Today’s customers expect tailored experiences, services and offerings but at the same time are wary of ‘being watched’. How do you let your customers know you are paying attention to their needs without creeping them out? See how these 7 brands are doing it right.
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#ContentPersonalization: Find out how content marketers are adapting to the personalization push.
A data-driven approach is fundamental to personalizing content. Segmenting audiences, gathering behavioral data and monitoring channel performance are all important aspects of the process. See how sophisticated data gathering is transforming content personlization.
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#PersonalizationROI: Looking to grow your personalization ROI? Here are 4 ways to do it.
Personalization could mean different things to different companies. Regardless of what it means, all companies must focus on maximizing their personalization efforts to outpace their competition. Check out these 4 tips for improving personalized marketing.
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