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Dear Marketer,

Like it or not, we live in the 'fake news' era. While fake news is not new, it came to the forefront during the recent US presidential elections, and has since been fueled further by social media. The damage it can cause cannot be underestimated. Companies such as Facebook and Google are now taking greater responsibility and stepping up efforts to fight the spread of false information. Why should marketers be concerned about this? Two reasons: it's easy to spread fake news on social media that can damage brands and today's consumers are unsure of which media sources to trust

This week we will look at some of the ways you can protect your brand from the impact of false news and build consumer trust.

#MarketingHacks: With consumer confidence and trust at an all-time low, here are 5 ways to build credibility.
Studies show that there has been a global drop in confidence and trust in traditional marketing. What can you do to address this growing concern? Here are some ways to build trust by engaging with your existing customers and generate recommendations that are more powerful than any marketing message you can deliver.
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#TrustMarketing: Succeeding in the age of social distrust requires a shift toward unconventional marketing ideas to boost trust levels.
It is important that your existing customers rate your brand highly as today's consumers rely heavily on online reviews. Investing in review and analytics tools helps marketers gauge customer sentiment and generate brand loyalty. Find out what you can do to keep your customers’ confidence levels high.
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#FakeNewsEffect: Speaking up against fake news can earn your brand credibility and is a great way to combat it.
Marketers today have the onus of maintaining high levels of trust with their audiences and preventing damage to their brands. Here are some things you should be wary of as a marketer and some ways in which you can counteract the impact of fake news.
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#ContentStrategy: Fact-checking is not just for journalists - it's equally important for content marketers.
Publishing unverified content can hurt your brand adversely. Making fact-checking a part of your editorial process is the best way to prevent any damage to your brand. Learn about some of the ways you can ‘fake-proof’ your content before it is published.
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#ContentMarketing: Being unprepared to fight the fake news phenomenon can hurt your content marketing ROI.
Building and maintaining trust has always been the focus of every business. While the current epidemic of fake news portends doom and gloom, brands that see it as an opportunity to protect themselves will come out as winners. If you take precautions and use tools and processes wisely to reassure your readers of your brand’s credibility, there is little for you to worry about.
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