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Dear Marketer,

Do you know what your customers want? Do you understand your customers deeply enough to improve engagement and wean them away from your competition?

In today’s customer-centric world, in-depth customer insights can help you add real value at every stage of the customer journey. How do you do this? Data must be gleaned in creative ways to draw meaningful insights that shape your marketing strategies. Practical approaches of interviewing customers, observing their purchase behavior, even gathering data on your competitor brands is important to setting your brand apart from the rest. But merely gathering data is not going to get you very far. The secret lies in sifting through the data to reveal nuggets of truth that can solidify your brand messaging and image.

This week, we wear the hat of a data scientist to look at some important ways you can derive customer insights and make the right marketing decisions for your brand.

#Customerinsight: Your ability to fend off competition and sustain profitability is directly correlated to how well you know your customers.
Observing customer habits and behavior is key to preventing customer churn. With customer preferences changing by the minute, it is challenging to retain customers and continue growing revenues, without adapting to the new trends. You must therefore keep your finger on the customer pulse to retain and attract new customers. Here’s a guide that shows you how.
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#Datadrivenmarketing: A balanced blend of creative and analytical skills is the best formula for marketing success in a digital world.
Organizations are undergoing digital transformation to keep pace with the environments in which they operate. This includes marketing which can no longer pursue conventional marketing strategies but must adopt digitization involving newer ways of collecting data. If you are part of such a transition, these five essential mindsets can help you respond appropriately in a digital world.
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#Contentmarketing: Deep customer insights translate to targeted, personalized content and superior engagement. Here’s how.
Content generation is challenging, but not if you wholly understand your audience and create solutions to address their challenges. Step one is to segment your vast audience. Step two involves analysis of each segment for its behavior and interests. Step three - tailor your content for each segment. Here are three tools that can help you track and analyze your customers to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing.
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#Socialinsight: See how brands are benefiting from social insights – beyond tracking brand sentiment.
Earlier, listening to social media was more about learning how many people are talking about your brand. It has evolved from this self-absorbed approach to an 'active listening and influencing' approach - because if you are not vigilant and proactive today - your competition is going to whisk your customers away. See how you can tap into a wealth of information about your customers that has long been overlooked.
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#Innovation: Check out how a global insurer used customer insights to not only drive short term goals but also long term benefits.
With an eye on its customers and not the prize, AXA has bagged awards as the leading and the most innovative brand in the insurance industry. The key to its success lies in its ability to effectively use customer insights. With some sure-fire techniques, AXA has paid careful attention to customer interactions to personalize future experiences. Take a page from their success story and adapt it to your marketing strategy.
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