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Dear Marketer,

You log into your favorite online shopping app to resolve a problem with your order. There is an option to chat with a representative. You click on it and it connects you with an agent. After a merry chat, you are satisfied with the answers to your queries and you sign off. It is very likely that you just chatted with a chatbot – one that mimicked a human to such a degree that you had no inkling.

Bots are automated, connected pieces of software that can execute a command and produce output based on the input received. They are revolutionizing how customers interact with businesses and marketers are increasingly using them, to automate repeatable business functions and provide better customer experience.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the underpinning technology, is enabling bots to handle increasingly complex tasks. What does this mean for marketers? You could have a marketing dream team of bots that works 24x7, tracks leads, offers suggestions to customers, resolves their issues, delivers personalized experiences, and deepens customer engagement in the process.

Considering bots are the next wave in marketing, we deep dive into bot technology this week, and offer some insights on how you can include them in your marketing mix.

#Productivitybots: Having trouble boosting your marketing team productivity? Bots are your answer.
Apps are passé. Well almost... So what’s taking their place? Bots, of course. Bots reduce manual effort and human intervention in tasks, and eliminate downtime in processes. They are capable of responding to commands, executing tasks and answering customer service requests. Little wonder they are becoming a popular tool for boosting productivity. Here are eighteen bots that are sure to improve your marketing efficiency.
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#Botmarketing: Bots are not just talking to customers. They are also talking to other bots. What does this mean for marketing? Find out.
Imagine you need to book a hotel room. The bot on your mobile understands your preferences so well that it can execute the reservation by communicating with the bot at the hotel of your choice. We know that this sounds more like sci-fi than reality. We assure you it’s a soon to be reality. With bot-to-bot marketing gaining ground, see what marketers need to do to stay relevant.
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#B2bmarketing: If you are B2B marketer, bots can become an extension of your team.
To achieve a higher level of efficiency, routine tasks that consume time and human effort can easily be substituted with bots. They can assist your team in lead generation and content discovery by guiding prospects through the buying journey. There are multiple ways to acquire bots, including building your own. Ready to hire a bot? Here are some tips to help you get started.
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#Chatbotmarketing: This pizza company is moving away from gamification… towards bot technology, in a bid to surprise and delight its customers.
Businesses need to constantly reinvent customer engagement to retain their existing customers and attract new ones A restaurant, for example, could use bot technology to help its customers book a table and improve customer interaction and experience. That’s exactly what PizzaExpress did. Much to their surprise, the bot was a big hit with the customers.
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#Customerconversation: Bot technology is the way to go, if you want to keep the conversation going with your customers.
It is every marketer’s goal to provide a personalized, one-on-one experience for each customer. That dream is now easily achievable, thanks to bot technology. It allows businesses to be present wherever their customers are and connect with them on a platform of their choice, building brand affinity. See how diverse companies such as GE, Capital One and 1-800-flowers are using bots to interact with and engage their consumers.
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