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Dear Marketer,

Numbers are telling and so… captivating. If you are like us, we bet you are obsessed with marketing performance metrics – related to brand awareness, lead generation, customer engagement, content and channel effectiveness and so on.

Metrics allow marketers to derive actionable insights that help shape marketing strategy, and understand where and how to invest effort and budgets that will rake in the most revenue. These days almost everything and anything can be measured - from digital visits to conversions. As tempting as it is to record and analyze the heck out of data, marketers must use a restrained and a careful approach to measuring only what is truly needed. Simply put, it all comes down to verifying the value your marketing function is adding to your business

This week, we take a look at which marketing metrics you cannot afford to ignore and how to consistently measure them for marketing success.

#SocialMediaMarketing: How can you tell if your social media strategy is working for your brand? Track these five metrics.
It’s one thing to market your brand on social media but another to ensure that the marketing efforts are actually paying off. One good measure of the effectiveness of your social media marketing is ROI. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any of the popular social media platforms, ensure you are tracking these five metrics closely, to ensure that your social media marketing strategy is effective.
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#MarketingPerformance: Looking for best practices to prevent inaccuracies from creeping into your marketing performance measurement? We’ve got just the list for you.
You may have every imaginable data point at your fingertips but if you interpret the data incorrectly, it could pose challenges. How can you avoid this trap? Streamline the measurement process by following best practices and watch out for common pitfalls in using data analytics.
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#ContentMarketing: Without measurement, you have no way of knowing what is working and what is not. Use this guide to measure vital content marketing metrics consistently.
A robust content marketing plan and a dream team are not enough to ensure content marketing success. Measurement is a critical element that helps you determine the effectiveness of your content efforts. Here is a list of the most essential content marketing metrics you should be tracking.
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#MarketingMetric: Shift from channel-centric to content-content centric metrics to measure the true success of your digital marketing efforts.
Measuring marketing performance has become easier in part due to the emergence of digital channels which allow easy capture of data. However, marketers are so focused on identifying the right channel that they sometimes ignore the fact that it is the content that attracts, converts and sells. Here’s what you need to measure to understand what content your customers want, to ensure success - no matter which channel you choose to promote it on.
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#MarketingValue: The challenge today does not lie in gathering metrics, rather measuring marketing’s value and performance.
Gathering metrics is the easy part. What’s important is assessing effectiveness is two areas – impact of marketing and the value of marketing investments. As most companies focus on metrics related to channels, they are falsely convinced that more activity equates to sufficient value generation. See how you can avoid being misled by metrics and prove marketing’s true value to your business.
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