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Dear Marketer,

82% of companies believe that there is a strong connection between creativity and business success. Nuff said. Nike’s Just Do It, Volskwagen’s Think Small, California Milk Processor Board’s Got Milk?, or Dove’s Real Beauty – what makes these campaigns so memorable and their impact so long lasting? These brands dared to think differently and did not shy away from using a gutsy approach.

Today, good marketing is a mix of equal parts data science and creativity. A fast-changing environment with new trends, technology and channels has led to a new requirement - using data to creatively launch successful campaigns. Learning to blend artistry with machine delivered data is the essence of marketing in the digital age.

This week, we look at why you should care about creativity as much as you do about data, to keep your marketing on a trail blazing path.

#MarketingCreative: Start thinking like innovators and entrepreneurs to stay creative in today’s marketing context.
Creativity in marketing is being redefined by the the changes in consumer behavior, technology and media. It is no longer defined in terms of the input (quality of content or campaign) but rather the output (the value created in terms of revenue, loyalty or advocacy). See what it means to be creative in marketing today - follow these five trends.
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#MarketingAutomation: Use these insights to retain creativity in your organization in the face of rapid automation of marketing functions.
With rapid automation, it would appear that creativity is on its way out. Marketing has no doubt become more data driven and seemingly less original. Inventive storytelling is becoming harder to find. So how should marketing organization reconcile the rising use of automation with creativity?
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#DataDrivenMarketing: Data can be an enabler of creativity - not an inhibitor. See how.
Do the terms 'data-driven' and 'creative' seem contradictory to you? In reality, effective marketing is a combination of the two. Not so long ago, the creative development process was supported purely by subjective instincts. Today, huge amount of data is available to support your marketing creativity. Check out how you can use data to your creative advantage and increase marketing effectiveness.
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#Marketer: Traditional marketing skills are important for success but so is being a data scientist.
When it comes to hiring your marketing team, data crunching skills should rank on par with creativity. While the ability creating clever campaigns is essential, the ability to process numbers is equally important. This popular toy company has a new list of skill sets that their new marketing hires must meet.
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#BoostingCreativity: Looking for ways to inspire creativity in your marketing team? Create the right social environment and give them the right tools.
Without creativity, marketing your brand can be a challenge – even in today’s data driven world. The constant struggle to be original and deliver exceptional ideas can result in fatigue. These three tips can help you maintain and boost your team’s creative spark.
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