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What makes Apple consistently top the 'most liked' brands list? Its ability to create a deeply emotional and sensory experience, no doubt

In today’s digital age, creating gripping brand experiences can give your brand an edge over the competition Unsurprisingly, leading companies are taking brand experience seriously. Pepsi uses Augmented Reality (AR) in its Monster Mirror campaign to turn a mundane visit to the bathroom in a movie theater into an exciting brand experience. Marriott rolled out beacon technology to over 500 locations to enable proximity marketing and improve brand experience for its customers.

This week, we look at what it takes to put your customers front and center, to create memorable and shareable brand experiences.

#MemorableBrand: Looking to make your brand memorable? Here’s how.
How do you show your customers you think and act differently from other brands in the market? When a brand comes into existence, it comes with a personality, a certain something it stands for. Refocusing on your brand’s persona can help differentiate your brand experience from that of the competition. Check out six things you can do to make your brand more memorable.
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#ExperientialCampaigns: Experiential brand experiences can help promote engagement. Learn how.
With customers on the move more than ever, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is an effective marketing strategy. It provides optimum brand exposure, encouraging interactive engagement and experiences. Creating opportunities for people to experience a brand in a setting with unlimited access, draws audiences in. Understand why experiential marketing can bring you marketing success.
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#ConsumerExperiences: In a world overrun by choices, providing a simple brand experience may prove to be your bet.
Sometimes it is not just about creating memorable experiences but about building simple experiences. A straightforward approach without complex marketing is all it takes to build customer support in a wold that's drowning in choices. Here are some examples of companies that followed simplicity as their marketing policy to enhance customer engagement.
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#BrandExperiences: Find out how Intel is reinventing its brand experiences to engage millennial audiences.
You know brand experience is important when Fortune 500 technology companies reinvent their brands and brand experiences for greater consumer acceptance. See how Intel is enriching brand experience for its customers by increasing brand relevance.
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#BrandReview: Maximize your brand potential by getting your customers to share their brand experience
Creating a memorable brand experience is one thing. Having your happy customers talk about their positive experiences with your brand is another. Follow these nine tips to reach out to your satisfied customers and turn them into your brand advocates.
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