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Dear Marketer,

As a marketer you probably spend a sizable amount on paid advertising and SEO to increase traffic to your site. But there are several things you can do that are REALLY free. Without spending a lot of marketing dollars, you can draw traffic to your site - assuming you have a good strategy in place for conversion - once the traffic comes in.

With popular search engines like Google frequently updating their algorithms, you must constantly work to keep your business content updated. Sticking with some basics will also help ensure that your website brings in the traffic you are looking for.

This week, we look at how you can grow traffic to your website while spending nothing more than your time.

#OrganicTraffic: SEO experts share key lessons on how to grow your business organically in 2017
There is no disputing the potential of organic traffic but finding strategies that transform organic traffic into long term relationships has always been a challenge. Paying close attention to these fifteen proven strategies and following them consistently can help you increase organic traffic and grow your business.
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#WebsiteDesign: See how one company redesigned its website to beef up its organic traffic by 99% in 8 months.
The importance of a well-designed website cannot be overstated. However, many still feel that the website is just a digital brochure. This approach can cost your business dearly in terms of a building relationships with your prospects and customers. This case study drives the point home on how investing in a good website design can generate substantial value for your business.
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#WebsiteTraffic: Check out these 23 strategies to build domain authority and drive traffic to your website.
Driving traffic to your website does not happen overnight but is the result of a well-executed long term plan. Traffic can be generated in many ways. But the truth is there are multiple methods of drawing crowds organically that do not cost anything more than your time. Use these 23 strategies to ramp up traffic to your website.
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#ContentMarketing: With companies spending $135 billion on content marketing, it’ no surprise that organic traffic is the top metric to measure RoI.
Marketers have struggled with metrics that effectively measure the success of their content. Amidst the ambiguity, a new trend seems to be emerging. Content teams are no longer satisfied with merely creating relevant content. They are beginning to focus more on how their content is driving organic traffic.
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#OrganicSearch: Increased adoption of Siri, Alexa and Cortana could impact your SEO strategy. Here’s how.
Surveys show that voice searches have been growing the past few years and show no signs of abating, calling into question the relevance of ‘organic search’ as it stands today. It will mean changing up websites and optimizing them to newer search forms. Follow the latest on how virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana could change the future of organic search.
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