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Dear Marketer,

The holiday season can be as stressful for marketers as it is for consumers. As the biggest shopping season of the year, it provides ample opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level, building loyalty over the long-term while driving immediate sales.

At a global level, there has been a steady standardization of festive seasons. For instance, Black Friday that has historically been an US tradition took UK by storm a couple of years ago. Also, it seems like every year, the holiday season starts a little earlier. These trends carry great import for businesses. Marketers across the globe need to develop and deploy holiday campaigns in time to cash in on customer sentiment, and take advantage of ad opportunities across the web and social media.

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to help you make the most of the holiday season - a make-or-break time in terms of revenue for many companies. Why wait until December? Now is the right time to get your campaigns up and running.

Merry Marketing!
#HolidayTrends: Make this holiday season your best yet. Exploit four major trends driving this year’s holiday marketing.
@CMO: Holidays are about increasing revenues. Perhaps even making up for any slowdowns over the year. To come out ahead of the game, it is important to prepare ahead of time for important holidays. Capitalizing on these four key trends can help you maximize the value you generate this holiday season.
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#HolidayCampaign: It is important to have a consistent message and experience running through your holiday campaigns, no matter the channel.
@CMO: With camaraderie in the air, holidays present the perfect opportunity to connect and engage with your customers, and build credibility and trust. While there are several things you can do to prepare for the season, here are six must-dos for putting together a successful marketing campaign.
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#PPCTips: Holiday marketing can be tricky. What should you be doing and where should you put your money to capture consumer attention?
@CMO: Pay Per Click (PPC) is an integral part of advertising strategy for many businesses. If you are in the ecommerce business and most of your advertising is PPC related, this article is for you. Even otherwise, if you are considering PPC this holiday season, here are some tips to stay ahead of the game.
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#HolidayPlanning: Getting a head start on holiday campaigning gives you the opportunity to gauge your customers’ reaction and tweak your campaigns accordingly.
@CMO: Businesses typically play catchup when the holiday season comes around. This can be a huge mistake. With consumers looking to spend heavily, this is the perfect time to capture new customers and rake in extra revenues. But where do you start? This seven-step process will help you easily iron out your holiday marketing plan.
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#MarketingStrategies: Holiday trends keep changing year on year. Keep your ears to the ground to successfully adapt your marketing strategy.
@CMO: A survey by Fluent reveals that 40% of Americans will make at least one purchase using their mobile device during the 2016 holidays. Trends such as these reveal a telling story of where customers spend most of their time and money. Today’s marketer must pay heed to these insights to put together an effective marketing strategy for the holidays.
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