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With the increasing adoption of smartphones, there’s been resurgence in podcasts as a quick and easy way of absorbing information on the go. A staggering 21,117,000 hours of podcast audio is played in the US alone, every day! The power of the podcast lies in wrapping quality audio content in a manner that is unobtrusive, yet capable of promoting your brand. Some big brands such as GE, not only use podcast advertising but have also launched their own lengthier podcast segments to build strong audiences.

This American Life’s ‘Serial’ - podcasts about investigative journalism - caught fire in 2014. Serial was sponsored by, a seller of audio books for various devices. Along with the popularity of Serial, Audible brand’s popularity grew as well. A high percentage of Serial listeners, out of curiosity or keen interest, looked up

This week, see how you can harness the stunning power of speech by using podcasts to improve your company’s brand image, awareness and sales.

#Podcasting: Before you use it as a marketing technique, understand why podcasts are popular.
Podcasting is getting to be the popular marketing technique for increasing brand exposure and generating more sales. While it sounds simple enough, it is important to get it right just like any other form of advertising. Here’s why podcasts should be a part of your marketing strategy.
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#PodcastingBenefits: For podcasting success, get to know your audience and understand what information they seek.
Podcasts have been around for several years but are now increasingly becoming common with digital users. And as a marketer, this change in trend indicates the opportunity in using digital audio ads to reach out to this growing segment. Here’s how you can create a successful podcast for your content marketing mix.
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#PodcastAdvertising: Drawing your customers’ attention just got easier. Embed your marketing message within their favorite podcast.
Podcasts are popular in part because you can listen to them wherever and whenever. This means that your audience is in a mindset to listen to everything the podcast has to offer. As a result, advertisements embedded within these programs are highly effective and can result in increased sales conversions, providing significant ROI.
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#PodcastingStrategy: The good thing about podcasting is it is relatively inexpensive to set up. Its success, however, depends on the quality of your content.
Podcasting, much like blogging, is used to help your business grow and it involves the audience in a way that is both personal and informational. Begin small and experiment with podcasts to gauge your audiences’ reaction, and the results in turn, will help grow your marketing strategy with podcasts.
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#PodcastfFollowers: What's not to love about podcast advertising? It offers the perfect avenue to reach millions of captive followers.
While podcast advertising is not guaranteed to increase sales, some polls reveal that 71% of listeners visited the podcaster’s website - presenting an opportunity to convert the visit into a sale. Podcasts sponsored by advertisers are more popular than even paid apps - which means you can make this marketing channel work for you.
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