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Dear Marketer,

According to GEM Global Report, a staggering 100 million businesses are launched every year. That’s three businesses every second! Statistics indicate that only 10% of startups succeed. Effective marketing is a key ingredient for survival of startups. It plays a critical role in helping startups cut through the noise, stand out in the clutter in the marketplace, and zoom in on new customer acquisition. It also helps improve product-market fit by establishing customer feedback loops, making it more likely that a startup will succeed. Needless to say, the seeds of brand identity are sown early on in the game.

This week, we have put together articles on all things ‘startup’ - marketing strategy, digital marketing, marketing plan, content marketing. We invite you to get comfortable and dig in.
#MarketingStrategy: An effective marketing campaign is not about trying everything. It’s about having a killer strategy in place.
@CMO: Today’s startups have the advantage of ubiquitous access to information. Do your homework, understand where well-established companies are putting their marketing buck, and see how best you can focus on those areas. Here are the 7 top marketing strategies that can help you launch a successful marketing campaign for your startup.
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#DigitalMarketing: Random allocation of funds across digital marketing channels to promote your new product is wasteful. But a careful investment can make all the difference.
@CMO: Startups, as we all know, are hard pressed for funds. Careful allocation of those scarce resources is key to success. When it comes to marketing, the challenge lies in knowing where to put the money given the plethora of digital channels available these days. The channel that gives maximum return is the most prudent choice, of course. But this means that you will need a well-defined marketing strategy and a method to measure the returns.
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#MarketingPlan: There is no denying that a sound marketing plan is half the battle. But how do you even go about creating a good startup marketing plan in the first place?
@CMO: As a startup, you don’t have the luxury of several attempts to get it right. It is crucial to zero in on the right plan of action from the get-go. While this is difficult to achieve – after all there is no fool-proof plan - here is a tried and tested checklist to help you ensure your initial marketing plan succeeds.
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#ContentMarketing: Content marketing is the way to go in today’s digital world. If you can get the right mix of relevant content and an appropriate channel, you have a winning combination on your hands!
@CMO: Content marketing is considered the panacea for all marketing evils these days. However, successful content marketing can be hard to achieve. It could have marketers swinging between all content marketing or no content marketing - based on the results they are seeing. While the former approach will not be effective if you are not doing it right, the latter is certainly not the solution because content marketing works - if you know how. For a startup, it cannot get easier than having a content marketing playbook to follow.
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#MarketingMethods: Marketing methods can seldom remain the same because of how quickly trends change. There’s really no excuse to continue using marketing techniques that are passé. Stay current and adopt the latest trends.
@CMO: There are multiple ways to spread awareness of your product in the market and get your target audiences to react positively. But remember, as marketing strategies continue to evolve, what worked last year might not fly this year. Here are 5 effective ways to market your startup in 2016.
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