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Dear Marketer,

In recent months, no event has generated as much interest around the world as the 2016 US presidential election. With less than four weeks to the D-Day, political discourses and water cooler conversations alike are revolving around how the outcome of the US election will impact not only the US but also other global economies.

The democratic and republican nominees have adopted their own signature strategy in marketing themselves. Clinton’s campaign has done a spectacular job of using e-mail communication to engage with prospective voters - making them feel privileged to receive an e-mail from the campaign office - with content that matters to them. Her digital campaign is simple yet effective, with messages transitioning smoothly from one issue to the next. Trump’s e-mail campaigns, on the other hand, use a canned approach - sending similar content to all. But, Trump is all about using social media effectively. He has 12 million followers, approximately three million more than his opponent. He also has 33,500 tweets to his credit, as opposed to Clinton’s 9,000, including the infamous 3 a.m. tweet about Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe!

As the race draws to a finish, the yearlong canvassing by both candidates is strewn with stellar marketing examples. This week’s issue carries useful insights drawn from the US presidential election on how to run successful marketing campaigns. Check them out.

#AdvertisingCampaigns: If you want to create a lasting relationship with target audiences in the digital age - some simple principles apply - whether it is marketing campaigns for brands or presidential candidates.
@CMO: Engaging with your customer on a topic that strikes a chord with them sets the stage for future interactions. Learn how to do this with your customers when you want them to sign up with you for your digital communications. The key is to keep it simple, impactful, and buy their trust in your brand. Here are ten tips on running your advertising campaigns much like the presidential ones.
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#DigitalMarketing: Using data intelligently to target the right individual with the right message, at the right time and on the right platform works every time.
@CMO: With increasing adoption of smartphones and social media accounts, the political arena is not what it used to be. 2016 presents a very different landscape when it comes to engaging with target audiences. Each candidate has followed different strategies to deliver personalized messages and use data intelligently - something that businesses must also do after understanding what works best with their target audiences.
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#EmailMarketing: Gone are the days of mass e-mails. Customers today expect to receive e-mails that are addressed to them personally, containing content they care about.
@CMO: Obama was the first presidential candidate to take advantage of targeted e-mail marketing. Much like him, brands trying to reach prospective audiences need to target key issues that are relevant to their audiences. The election campaign tactic that Obama used in 2008 is still applicable today even to businesses – test various subject lines and personalize your content.
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#MarketingCampaigns: Timing creative marketing campaigns around the US presidential election is a ‘once-in-four years’ opportunity to empower your brand.
@CMO: The candidates are relying a great deal on digital and social media this year for their campaigns as an indication of how powerful digital marketing channel can be. While the candidates stake it out, savvy marketers are not missing the opportunity to use the election to draw attention to their brands. They must do so without leaning towards either party. See how you can rally support for your brand from your customers by campaigning right.
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#MarketingTakeaways: Regardless of which candidate you are rooting for, the journey to the presidential election is littered with marketing lessons.
@CMO: If you have been paying close attention to the presidential race so far, you must have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not. It is clear that it is important to know your target audience and deliver a message that resonates with them. Many of the strategies that the two candidates are using in their campaigns can be scaled down and applied to your own business.
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