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Dear Marketer,

Recent research shows that, thanks to the mobile revolution, humans have a shorter attention span (8 seconds) than even goldfish (9 seconds)! This presents a pressing challenge for marketers vying for customer attention. It’s clear that reading enormous amounts of content is beyond the average online user. How then do you connect, engage, and make your audiences linger longer? Think interactive content.

Interactive content is any messaging format that involves the user and depends on the participant’s actions to continue the engagement. It could take the form of interactive infographics, videos, games or even branching narratives that allow users to determine the ending of the story. This format works because it creates an experience that users can participate in, as opposed to the static, one-way information exchange used in traditional content marketing.

As the digital world of storytelling continues to evolve, we look at how interactive content can help you create a niche content marketing environment for engaging your customers. Enjoy!

#InteractiveContent: While interactive content is used for various purposes, educating target audiences ranks high on marketers’ agenda.
Interactive content marketing has been on the rise as it does more than grab the reader’s attention. It creates an experience for the potential buyer, encouraging a dialogue with the seller. If you have not used interactive content in your marketing but would like to, here is a good read on what it is all about.
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#ContentEffectiveness: Interactive content marketing uses various formats. What type of content marketer are you?
When a user reads your content, it counts for something. But when the user decides to get involved and begins to interact with the content, it’s a huge success. With fleeting attention spans and data overload, content that not only attracts attention but also motivates the audience to act - spells ‘SUCCESS’.
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#ContentTypes: Interactive content has been shown to be effective in lead conversion and qualification. But it’s important to use the right format that resonates with your audience.
If you want to educate your audience in just a few minutes, what would you present? If you want your readers to feel good by showcasing their quizzing skills, what questions would you ask? If you want your audience to choose a preferred alternative, what different options would you place in front of them? Here are some ways to make your content marketing interactive. Select one that works best for your business.
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#B2BContentMarketing:The great thing about interactive content is its universal applicability. While B2C companies are already successfully using this format, it’s time for B2B companies to get in the game.
While content marketing strategies for B2C and B2B companies may be radically different, the end goal is the same. In both the cases, you want the audience to sign up with your brand. Cisco recently launched interactive digital stories in its latest campaign “Never Better”, to highlight the usage of its technology across industries. It captured the interest of the audience who did not have to read lengthier versions of a white paper or case study. Here are five other B2B companies that are totally killing interactive content marketing.
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#InteractiveMarketing: Interactive content is a two-sided conversation. It needs to be relevant to where the customer is in the buying process.
Surveys show that 67% of the buyer journey is completed digitally today. Given this huge window of opportunity to attract their attention and build trust, what role does interactive content marketing play in winning buyers over? Using interactive marketing early in the buyer’s journey can help you cinch the deal.
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