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Dear Marketer,

People trust people - a lot more than they do brands. That’s precisely why user-generated content (UGC) is emerging as one of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2016. 92% of consumers trust UGC above all other forms of online messaging and an average user spends 5.4 hours a day generating content, predominantly on social media. UGC is a win-win for both consumers as well as brands. While consumers get trustworthy advice, brands get to delegate brand-building activities.

Remember when Coca Cola introduced personalized coke bottles with its Share a Coke campaign? Customers were asked to share a picture of themselves enjoying a drink from their personalized Coke bottle on social media. All Coke had to do was set up the campaign and let its customers do the advertising for it.

If you are tired of churning out endless amounts of content to satisfy your demanding customers, we have just what you need. This week, we show you how you can leverage UGC to turn your loyal customers into die-hard brand advocates.

#MarketingStrategy: What makes User-Generated Content a must-have for any marketing strategy?
UGC is the perfect supplement to content marketing – it has the unmatched power to hook prospective customers, increase traffic, and impact the bottom line. Today’s customers, especially the millennials, are looking to voice their opinion. UGC can help you transform your loyal customers into a marketing machine – one that works hard to supplement your efforts.
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#UserGeneratedCampaigns: Customers interacting with User-Generated Content have a 97% higher conversion rate than those who don’t
Customers are your best salespersons for the simple reason that they have already experienced your product or service. Humans tend to seek ‘social proof’, i.e., take advice from peers, to avoid making mistakes. That’s where UGC supersedes all other forms of messaging – when we hear it from others like us, we are more likely to be influenced – even to the point of purchase. See how brands such as Coca Cola, Chubbies, and others are getting their customers to tell their own stories to build trust, earn credibility, and sell more.
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#SEOStrategy: Looking to boost your SEO strategy? Leverage User-Generated Content to enhance your SEO and drive traffic to your site
More than a third of online shoppers start looking for a product or service on a search engine. This makes it imperative for brands to think beyond keyword stuffing to improve their search rankings. Different forms of UGC such as customer reviews, ratings, images, and conversations on forums can prove to be a great way to benefit from fresh and relevant content that most search engines prize.
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#MarketingROI:High on profitability and low on overhead costs, User-Generated Content can help you hit your highest ever ROI
The UGC story goes beyond marketing trends and social media wins. It hits home where it matters the most – your ROI - and significantly maximizes it. With consumers’ attention spans dropping to less than eight seconds, innovation ranks high on marketing agendas and that’s why UGC scores over traditional marketing methods. Nielsen’s latest survey on consumers’ advertising preferences revealed UGC is exceptionally important in terms of resonance.
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#ContentMarketing: How to create User-Generated Content strategies that really work
UGC is all the rage in marketing circles but before you deep dive into creating a UGC roadmap, you will need to figure out a few things first. Decide how you want UGC to work for you, where you will find customers who can create content for you, and what will be your go-to strategy for them. UGC is a glorious opportunity to create long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships and that’s why getting it right is even more important.
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