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  • forum Looking for marketing tools to help you succeed in 2017?

    Let’s face it. The days of ‘if you build it, they will come’ are over. To get the exposure and results that matter in today’s digital world, you must constantly monitor, measure and analyze your marketing campaigns, and course correct as needed.


  • forumHow much should you spend on content marketing in 2017?

    Content marketing works. The proof is in the results. According to a Curata study, nearly 75% of companies say that content marketing is increasing their lead quality and quantity. More than 77% of companies are looking to increase their investment in content marketing to deepen engagement and grow revenues. So, how much should you invest in content marketing in 2017? In our opinion, how much you invest is not as important as the results you are able to achieve.


  • forum Ready to make 2017 the most awesome marketing year yet?

    As the holiday season winds down, it’s time to focus on the New Year and what it might bring. But before we do that, here’s a quick recap of 2016. Digital marketing was the highlight of the year. In fact, digital has become so intrinsic to the marketing function that it cannot be considered a separate stream anymore. 2016 also saw the rise in wearable technology and augmented reality. Automation gained further ground and personalization became every marketer’s mantra.


  • forumHow human is your brand?

    Amidst all the noise in the digital world, what comes through and touches consumers is the human face of brands. As human beings, we appreciate the human touch above all else - it’s no different when it comes to interacting with brands.


  • forumIncrease traffic to your site without spending a dime – yes, really!

    As a marketer you probably spend a sizable amount on paid advertising and SEO to increase traffic to your site. But there are several things you can do that are REALLY free. Without spending a lot of marketing dollars, you can draw traffic to your site - assuming you have a good strategy in place for conversion - once the traffic comes in.



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