4 Strategies for Video Marketing Success

Online videos are expected to account for 75% of web traffic in 2017. This means that a majority of your target audience is interested in video content. What’s driving this trend? For one thing, human beings are visual creatures and videos stand out in the content clutter. For another, you can convey a powerful message about your product or service in less than a minute - without overwhelming your customers with a lot of text.

Nothing demonstrates this better than Android’s Friends Forever video ad campaign. It has garnered an astonishing 26,169,229 views till date since its release on YouTube, in February 2015. The content of the video is curated and just a collage of unlikely animals palling around together. But those clips of a parrot feeding spaghetti to a huskey or a cat opening the latch of a door to let a dog escape, moved people more than any other ad campaign for Google Android. The video ad campaign helped Android convey its value proposition – Be together. Not the same - while taking a dig at its arch rival Apple.

For marketers, video’s value proposition is simple: if you engage and entertain your viewers, they are bound to share your video with their network. This directly translates into viewers spending longer time on your website and interacting with your brand, making video a must-have in your marketing tool kit.

So is video a viable option for businesses of all sizes? Certainly. Production costs have come down drastically and a wide variety of cloud-based tools are available to quickly create videos. You can use your own smartphone camera to create a thirty second video or sign up for a service that creates animated explainer videos. The fundamental principles of video marketing are the same as for all other forms of content marketing: Keep your content relevant to your audience and make it easy for them to find and share it.

Do you have a video marketing strategy for 2017?

It’s essential to have a strategy in place for effective video marketing. Here are four strategies for optimizing your video marketing campaigns:

1. #Don’t stop with one video.It’s a good idea to keep adding videos regularly to your publishing schedule with a ‘campfire’ approach. That is, try to divide your message into a series of videos that can be sent out in a calibrated manner, timed with a major product launch or event. After the launch, keep strategizing fresh video content to maintain the salience of your brand in the minds of your audience.

2. #Let your customers be your advocates. User generated content lets your customers share their passion for your brand with others. Such content has more credibility in the eyes of potential buyers than any other content sent out directly by your company. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, creating customer generated content is easier than ever before.

3. #Establish thought leadership with explainer videos. Produce videos in your area of expertise, showcasing tips and tricks on how to do something easier or better. Explainer videos are a great medium to establish your subject matter credentials. It also helps drive traffic and loyalty by making your audience come back to your website for more tips from you.

4. #Use short video channels and apps to the hilt. Instagram’s video sharing feature allows you to share videos that are three to 15 seconds long. Use short form video apps to create five to 15 second videos that can run on your customers’ Twitter and Facebook news feeds. Short videos help you send a message quickly to a large audience.

With video marketing on the rise; it’s never too late to start

Your video marketing efforts will be wasted if your audience does not know what to do after viewing your video. Remember to include a direct call to action with all your videos. It’s clear that the immediate future of communication and marketing is going to be more and more video driven. According to a Cisco report, IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic globally by 2020, up from 70% in 2015. So, is your organisation ready to exploit the full potential of video?

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