How to Grab Your Distracted Customers’ Attention with Bite-sized Content

Research indicates that the average person's attention span is limited to just eight seconds, a full four seconds shorter than it was in the year 2000, and a whole second under that of goldfish! The average internet user often multi-tasks between a computer and smartphone, and is bombarded with so much information that his or her brain gets subtly rewired over time to require more stimulation more often.

It’s increasingly becoming obvious that there’s no way a person could possibly pay attention to more than a small part of the content he or she encounters every day. That’s where bite-sized or snackable content comes to the rescue of the modern content marketer. While in-depth and authoritative white papers, case studies, and blog posts can and do help brands establish authority, marketers are looking to snackable content to make their message stand out. Here are three simple ways you too can leverage this trend.

1 # Keep it concise yet memorable

The average consumer now expects to visit a website and quickly get the information he/she is looking for, and often leaves in under half a minute if it appears that the information required is not available, or needs more than a minute or two to find. According to research by Marketo, over 60 percent of social media is consumed on a mobile device, which gives marketers the impetus to increasingly engage consumers with snackable and shareable content.

While long-form content can be very valuable in terms of marketing and thought leadership, and does increase awareness of a brand, most consumers do not have the time to read long articles of over a thousand words. That’s why it’s important for you to design and develop content that’s relevant yet concise. One way of doing this is to repurpose your existing long form content such as case studies, white papers, and lengthy blog posts, and break it down into smaller, easily digestible snippets that are mobile and social media ready.

2 # Visual works. Use it to your advantage.

Visually-oriented media outlets such as YouTube, Instagram and others are being increasingly used to propagate brands. A growing number of enterprises are repurposing their text-heavy content and breaking it down into easier to absorb chunks. Short videos, infographics, visual memes in the gif format, and personalized content can be effective and memorable, if done right.

3 # Get personal with social

Marketing expert Jeff Bullas outlines five types of bite-sized content that he advises marketers to use: snack size blog posts, infographics, 15 second videos, images, and quotes.

These formats lend themselves well to repurposing and freshening content that may have been published months or years ago - which is perfectly fine as long as viewers find them useful, informative, or even amusing. Marketers now have the ability to precisely target audiences across devices and platforms, and this gives them the ability to also craft personalized content based on interest, geography, demographics, and other parameters.

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