Showcasing your Success Stories

Readers are a long lost race and trying to attract customers through long posts and juggling numbers might not be a great idea. In the day when marketing strategies are growing complex by the hour, your success stories viz. the case studies provide the right marketing vehicle to carry your product. Case studies are most effective, not only because they showcase what your product delivers, but also because they are based on a customer's perspective. And hence they gather momentum amongst the potential customers. But why many case studies fail to gain the traction is a huge question mark!

Presentation of the case studies is as important as the content you are trying to market. Here are a few tips to your rescue:

1. Write to attract your potential customer : Writing specifically as per the customer's interests and needs ensures higher traffic and gains credibility amongst the audience. Targeted and specific case studies reinforces credibility in turn luring more customers to your site. Success stories pertaining to the customer's field gears more conversion rates – why? Simply because they are real issues faced by real people with happy endings.

2. Write with intervening graphics : Put down the sample customer's goals, needs and benefits from your product in detail. Back up your information with info graphics and real numbers in the form of analytics. An even innovative idea would be to make a video out of your case study. Watching a video is preferred against reading a lengthy discourse. This will showcase tangible results and is a powerful way to communicate your proposition.

3.Social media salvage : The whole world is watching the virtual space. Social media and internet are the hub of information. Infusing your case studies into this virtual space will ensure more exposure than any other media. Replenish all options – direct mailers, newsletters, blogs, campaigns. Sharing and retargeting posts gives your case study a higher visibility.

4. Publish the write-up : Post your case study on popular and high page-ranked sites, also on magazines to make it easy for potential audience to view the post. But more importantly, post your case studies on relevant landing pages of your site. If your potential customer is reading your product page, the case studies will push them to become your customer.

Case studies ride on the fact that they are testimonials from a loyal customer and hence are cost effective . Though not all success stories can be made into case studies, they still are the key to online content marketing.

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