Top 6 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

Digital marketing has undergone a tremendous transformation, evolving in leaps and bounds, over the last few years, thus becoming a crucial medium for branding. Online marketing has taken a steep rise from what it was, warranting the need for every business to be moving ahead of trends to create an impact. As marketers are keen on innovating marketing techniques in the thirst to create something new, let’s take a look at what the new trends are this year:

1. Content Curation - Content is always the boss of marketing. Content in the form of blogs, adverts, info graphics has always been the pivotal point of marketing. Content marketing strategy can never fail and this year also the popularity remains unabated. However, this year might see the rise of micro and visual content.Patient readers are a long lost race and here is where the new content strategy takes over the traditional content. Presenting information in the shortest form, infographics, images or video form will render more traffic to the site and will fuel content curation (collecting and sharing content that could be not be originally yours but of interest to your audience).

2. Blend of SEO and Social Media – Considering that search engine optimization and social media work towards the same goal – to bring about brand awareness, merging these two disciplines would give out measurable results. Tracking the analytics and extrapolating the data to social media can help target the precise audience.

3. Smart & Intelligent Analytics – Analytics can give businesses the information about customers they need to know, like the demographics, source, time on site, journey through the site and so on, using this data to mine actionable insight is not what a novice would understand. This year might see the rise of tools that help reveal data in a novice- understandable form with integrated action to help utilize the analytics information for value optimization.

4. User Experience Optimization – Businesses target potential customers, with the aim of converting them to end users. The year 2015 might see a slight trend change with the overall customer experience taking precedence over the conversion target. Tools supporting analysis on customer channels are evolving to appease the customer with what they expect to experience.

5. Insight into eCommerce – Branding is essential to imprint your product in the customer's mind. New tools have come up this year to interpret stored data to arrive at how your product is performing digitally. This helps to optimize your brand's presence, reach out with the right content and safeguard your brand.

6. Go the Mobile way – More internet browsing happens over the mobile phone today. Every business is turning towards mobile marketing and if you don't have a mobile strategy, it’s time to put on your thinking cap now.

Like any other year, always plan ahead of time, use state-of-the-art tools and budget your marketing spend wisely.

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