Ways to sell a social media idea to your boss

Organizations the world over  have woken up to the importance of social media. However  just knowing its significance is not enough  it is equally crucial to be able to sell a social media idea to your own boss.

Here’s how you can do it.

Take 1: Creating awareness about your product or service is essential to enticing your boss, in the same manner as you would a client. Awareness can be created through a variety of avenues: from creating  engaging content, or making your website more interactive. However, the best way to keep your superior hooked is through showcasing figures, return on investment (ROI) and facts. Showing an effective ROI is certain to keep your boss interested.

With a battery of analytics at disposal, one can now track how visitors enter an organization’s website— either through social media websites or through a search engine—and how many of them get converted into sales. Presenting facts, figures, and giving an exact picture of how much it would cost to implement a social media operation could make your boss sit up and take notice.

Take 2: Putting forth your idea through catchy content and using the social media expertise to push your case is no mean feat. Always ensure that you do not commit to any numbers in the first year of the social media implementation. The trick is to help your superiors buy into your idea, and then take the discussion forward. The initial months will have to be focused on churning out engaging, thought-provoking and intuitive content. Managing myriad social media accounts and charting out your unique selling proposition (USP) will help you create an online presence.

Take 3: With social media growing exponentially, you can keep pace with it only if you are part of it. Most brands have migrated from sending email newsletters, to informing their followers on the latest in the company through updates on social media platforms. However, one has to brace up for a tough time from his/her boss who would enlist cases where social media resulted in a PR backlash for a brand. You have to make it very clear that social media is one of ‘the’ best ways to engage your customers and nurture trust if at all there was a breach earlier.

Take 4: Never start your presentation with the phrase ‘offline is no more’, as that’s not true. Though the revenue share from conventional avenues are on the decline, we still live in the real world and speak about real experiences to real people. Enlist the benefits of social media to your superior in such a way that it makes them not only share it online, but also offline with their near and dear ones.

Take 5: Your conversation should not make your boss feel ripped off. You must receive a genuine feedback for your presentation. If your aim is to build your company brand, your first task would be to build a strong stand with your boss.

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