Widen Your Sales Funnel Through Knockout Landing Pages

So you’ve got a great looking website with killer content that puts you right on top of Google and Alexa. But from the myriad visitors who’ve given your website a thumbs-up, how many have actually passed through your sales funnel as potential leads? If this question has got you thinking hard, it’s time you started directing your efforts into creating the one great lead generation tool that’s a must-have in any website today: landing pages.

So what exactly is a landing page?

Simply put, it is a web page that helps you capture the contact information of visitors to your website, who may be interested in your specific products and/or services and who are looking for more information/assistance. A landing page utilizes a simple user-friendly web form that captures basic user information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer of a product or service the user is interested in. A good landing page targets a specific audience for instance, traffic from e-mail marketing and pay-per-click campaigns, webinars, and other promotional offers. By creating landing pages, you can offer your visitors something of value – for example a download of relevant content (e-books, whitepapers, etc.) or a sign up for free trials or product demos – and convert a greater percentage of them into potential leads.

Sounds simple? Not quite, because to get a user to provide his/her contact details that your sales team can later use to build and nurture leads, you need to first make them an interesting offer they would find difficult to refuse, and then direct them to an appropriate landing page that will ease their cumbersome task of looking for the relevant ‘how-to’ information on your 50-odd page website. Instead of sending your visitors to a generic ‘Contact us’ form on your website, direct them to an offer-specific landing page instead.

Hmm…well okay, but how do I go about building an effective landing page?

Landing pages need to be simple and easy to understand, and must achieve their core objective of capturing user information through a web-based form. Some ground rules you need to keep in mind while creating strong landing pages:

Rule #1: The more the merrier

As a thumb rule, remember to have unique landing pages for your various offerings. More landing pages simply mean more opportunities for lead conversion. Plus, you wouldn’t want your visitor wondering which form to fill in when you are offering an interesting thought leadership webinar plus a free demo of one of your hot selling products would you?

Rule #2: The title matters a hell of a lot

Visitors don’t have all the time in the world. Your title has to be short, crisp, to the point and catch the reader’s attention instantly. A great title will make your visitor want to read up the accompanying content so that needs to be punchy as well. Oh and yes, garnish this with some eye-catching design and you have a winning landing page!

Rule #3: Finally it’s all about WIIFM

Your landing page content should be more about how your specific offer will benefit your reader. Showcasing your capabilities is one thing but your visitor is likely to come with one BIG question – ‘What’s In It For Me’? It’s your job to answer this question satisfactorily.

Rule #4: Dress it up with SEO

What’s the point in creating an award-winning landing page if it doesn’t show up on search engines? Invest in a good SEO copywriter to take care of those meta descriptions, meta tags, and keywords.

Rule #5: Collaboration is key

You have a great product/service on offer. Wouldn’t you want to spread the word around? And who can do this better than those who already know about it? Add social widgets on your landing page to help your visitors share news about your offer with their contacts. The viral it gets, the better it is for your sales team!

Rule #6: (and this is an important one!) Navigation links are best off in the trash can

The main aim of your landing page is to get visitors to fill up the contact information form. Don’t distract them by including hyperlinks to your website homepage or other irrelevant pages. If they want to look up your company website, they will google it anyways.

Rule #7: Vote of thanks

You have acquired important contact information from a potential lead; it is your duty to thank them. Once you capture all details, either direct your visitors to a ‘Thank you’ page or send out an automated e-mail thanking them for taking the time out to visit your landing page. You can use this to further follow up with them with more information/new offers.

Rule #8: Test it till you crack it

Finally, it’s all about how your efforts are accepted by your target audience. Keep experimenting and testing with various layouts/formats/messaging to study your visitors’ preferences and optimize your landing pages accordingly. Your website landing page is a powerful lead generation tool; use it wisely to increase your conversion rates.

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Founded in 2008, CMO Axis is a global pioneer in Sales and Marketing Process Outsourcing with a vision to deliver transformational business and operational advantages to global organizations and marketing teams through a combination of strategic advisory, shared services delivery and business-results focused outsourcing.

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