Where Behavioral Targeting Falls Short and How to Get It Right

Imagine your customer base includes two 30-year old urban women who both love travelling and are partial to jeans and cotton shirts. If you are a women’s apparel retailer using traditional behavioral targeting, you will assume these two women to be in the market for your products, while in reality, neither of them could be looking for clothing at a given point in time. Meanwhile, there may be a gentleman that you didn’t identify as part of your target market, who may be looking to buy clothes for his spouse, and is likely to be interested in your brand.

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Is business intelligence enough or do you need social intelligence to create the ‘X’ Factor?

The advent of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) has leveled the playing field, allowing organizations irrespective of their size, to access and analyze big data for business intelligence (BI). Over the last few years, businesses across sectors have made significant investments in analytics solutions, to combat aggressive competition. However, as the focus steadily shifts to greater customer-centricity and engagement, BI and analytics stand at an inflection point.

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Don’t Make These Five Marketing Mistakes in 2017

As a marketer, we are sure you have a long list of New Year resolutions - improving customer engagement, increasing click through rates (CTR) on your campaigns, achieving higher return on investment (ROI), and more such. But did you know that only 8% people actually succeed at achieving what they resolve to do; 36% even fail to keep up with their goals past the first month of the year.

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