4 Strategies for Video Marketing Success

Online videos are expected to account for 75% of web traffic in 2017. This means that a majority of your target audience is interested in video content. What’s driving this trend? For one thing, human beings are visual creatures and videos stand out in the content clutter. For another, you can convey a powerful message about your product or service in less than a minute - without overwhelming your customers with a lot of text.

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The era of machine learning has arrived: How does it impact content marketing?

Early this decade in Minneapolis, an angry man walked into a Target store and demanded to talk to the manager. The man was furious that Target had sent a mailer with coupons for baby clothes and cribs to his daughter who was still in school. “Are you trying to encourage her to get pregnant?” he furiously asked the manager who had no clue about what he was talking about. The manager found that the mailer was indeed addressed to the man’s daughter and it contained marketing materials for maternity clothing and furniture. The manager apologized.

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Choosing a marketing automation platform doesn’t have to be rocket science

As a first step towards marketing automation adoption, it is important to understand which features in a marketing automation platform are important to your business. Is it multi-channel marketing, lead management and scoring, content marketing and management, social media management or analytics capabilities? Once you have answered this question, it becomes easier to pick the platform that best fits your needs. Check out this detailed review of some of the marketing platforms available for small and medium businesses.

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5 effective tips to help redesign your website

Design is not what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works

-Steve Jobs

An appealing Website design is important to attract visitors, convert traffic to leads and lessen bounce or exit rates. So, create a Website that is simple and user-friendly yet modern and interesting. It’s all about developing a neat template to help navigate in and out of the pages.

Here are five effective tips to help redesign your website.

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