Top 6 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

Digital marketing has undergone a tremendous transformation, evolving in leaps and bounds, over the last few years, thus becoming a crucial medium for branding. Online marketing has taken a steep rise from what it was, warranting the need for every business to be moving ahead of trends to create an impact. As marketers are keen on innovating marketing techniques in the thirst to create something new, let’s take a look at what the new trends are this year:

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10 reasons why you still need search engine optimization

So, when was the last time someone purchased an item online? Yesterday? Today? The answer is ‘now. People all over the world are glued to the internet looking for information all the time. Businesses, small or big strive to make their mark here, because this is the go-to place for research- for anything and everything. It becomes crucial for businesses to showcase their products and services in the best possible manner to grab the attention of their target audiences. Here is where the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

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How to generate leads (infographic)

We found this simple yet comprehensive infographic on the entire lead generation process, the role of content / email marketing, social media, SEO and web design and analytics in generating a precisely targeted, qualified and predictable lead for a product / service. The infographic comprises most part of the digital marketing spectrum and could be used as a model pyramid for marketing a brand virtually. Courtesy:
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Marketing Trends 2015

Is it that time of the year again? Time to think of your budgeting for the next marketing year. Do you have the right gyan to make the right decisions? Take a look at this simple slideshare that gives you some insight into the trends in marketing this 2015!
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