Is Digital Marketing destroying your business?

Learn a thing or two about innovation from school students! Marketing Guru Gary Hamel shares his eye-opening experience of working with a group of high school students as a part of program, dubbed INTRSCT, designed to teach innovation skills. Read this interesting antithesis by Neil Clair
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Marketing Turns Inbound

With growing evidence of increased ROI and sales, Inbound Marketing is swiftly acquiring a sweet spot in the marketing mix of businesses. According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing report by HubSpot, businesses that primarily use inbound marketing techniques reported 61% lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) than those relying heavily on outbound strategies.
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Small Is Beautiful. Less Is Better

In recent years, technological advancements through the internet and mobile have brought the marketer and the consumer closer to each other and faster than ever before, offering the Marketing Manager opportunities galore. But the channels to reach out to the audience are larger in number, fragmented in viewership and erratic than ever. Every brand worth its penny has a website to boast of, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, ad campaigns churned out overnight on the mac and blogs with content that would take you a lifetime to pour over.
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