5 tips to boost landing page conversion rate

While new-age business firms have adapted the trends of online marketing, their success relies on many factors such as, the ability to generate more pay-per-clicks, establish brand dominance and engage with customers; all with the hope of generating more traffic and converting them into leads. However, by developing an efficient SEO programme alone will not benefit businesses. What is needed is an effective landing page to help convert traffic to leads, create a sales funnel and eventually optimize business profits.

Here are 5 tips to boost landing page conversion rates.

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Five Reasons to Harness the Power of Videos in Your Content

A highly complex and competitive environment today compels marketers to effectively leverage all the tools and methods available to them. Video is one such tool which is slowly becoming the cornerstone of marketing. Videos are a simple and effective way of communicating several messages to the target audience. A study by Cisco revealed that globally consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019. Statistics from YouTube , the second largest search engine further demonstrate the growing importance of videos –

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3 ways to improve Omni-channel retail experiences

The launch of mobile commerce has given birth to a new strategy called ‘Omni-channel marketing’. Many a times, Omni-channel marketing gets mistaken for multi-channel marketing. The former relates to mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns or a well-designed website. But, if the three are not connected, then it’s not Omni-channel.

What is Omni channel marketing?

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Digital marketing: Top 5 mistakes to avoid

Leveraging a digital marketing strategy is imperative for any enterprise that wants to augment the customer engagement. Crucial to gain access to today’s tech-savvy customers, digital marketing assists in augmenting sales, engaging mobile consumers shortening sales cycles, generating higher conversion rates and ROI, thus resulting in higher revenue.

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Is there such a thing as the ultimate B2B lead generation tactic?

B2B lead generation is a much discussed topic, considering the ever evolving marketplace and intensifying competition. Business are striving hard and trying every technique to drive a steady stream of qualified leads, with a laser sharp focus on conversion. While there are plethora of techniques that can be used for B2B lead generation, there are no sure-fire tactics.

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