5 Steps to Making a Perfect Cold Call

Marketing organizations love to ideate on issues such as creating the perfect value proposition, identifying ways to optimize marketing spend, and enhancing reach and customer engagement. Telemarketing also known as cold calling is the traditional practice of calling unknown prospects in an attempt to reach out to potential prospects, establish a connection and build a business relationship with them. Although this technique has resulted in massive marketing gains in the past, the question now is how successful this approach can be in today’s modernized digital environment.

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3 Ways to Break Free from Writer’s Block

As a content marketing writer, one of your key challenges is creating fresh and quality content time and again, within stringent timelines. However, often you reach the zone called ‘writer’s block’ that temporarily paralyzes your thinking and writing process. Writers block doesn’t spare even seasoned writers with vast and diverse experience. Here are three tips that help cure content marketing writers of content fatigue and writer’s block.

1. Exorcise the self-doubt demon

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The New CTA: Connect-to-Audience

We have come a long way from using Call-to-Action (CTA) as a mere lead collection tool on emails and websites. With digital marketing evolving from ‘how to woo customers’ to ‘how to engage customers,’ CTAs serve as the perfect tool to drive effective customer engagement. While CTAs allow customers to choose how far they want to explore a company, they help businesses capture more mind-share and sell targeted ideas to their audience.

With informed planning, you can conjure up CTAs that help you reach out and build sustained relationship with your audience.

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5 secrets to becoming an effective marketing content writer

If someone told you that generating content that catalyzes business outcomes is child’s play, you’re being fooled. Creating effective and quality content time and again is undeniably a challenge. However, there are some easy tricks to developing meaningful content that deliver results.

Here are five simple ways to generate effective marketing content:

1. Be thorough – Research, apply and improve

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Content Curation: The Game Changer on Social Media

In today’s information age, a growing number of people are turning to online sources to access news and other resources that are relevant to them. According to research, average users spend over 28% of their online time on social media.

However, with innumerable sources of information available, it can be challenging for users to navigate through the content overload and understand what is pertinent to them and what is not. This is where content curation comes in.

What is Content Curation?

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